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Former Parks Sergeant Amends Discrimination Complaint


After former Metro Nashville Parks Police sergeant Pamela DeSoto filed a federal lawsuit against Metro in March alleging years of discrimination and abuse she found a large condom near her normal parking spot at her current Metro job.

An amended complaint filed by DeSoto late last month suggests the condom was placed there as a continuation of the abuse she says she suffered earlier in her career. DeSoto's lawsuit claims she was discriminated against based on her sexual orientation, gender, race, and age. Describing her hostile work environment to The City Paper last year, she recalled going to check her mail and being met with dildos, porn, and condoms.

DeSoto's lawsuit names the Metro Government and the Board of Parks and Recreation, as well as Parks director Tommy Lynch, several Parks Police officers, and a Metro IT employee.

Read the relevant portion of the amended complaint, after the jump:

Following the filing of Sgt. DeSoto’s original Complaint, a large condom was discovered by Sgt. DeSoto near where she regularly parks her vehicle at her non-Parks Police position. Sgt. DeSoto retrieved the condom, informed the Defendants of its discovery, and requested that the Defendants cease from engaging in such activity in the future. As of this filing, the Defendants have not responded in any way to this incident. Metro’s agents regularly harassed and intimidated Sgt. DeSoto in the past through the use of degrading items, such as condoms.
Metro attorney Keli Oliver acknowledges to Pith that Metro has not responded to DeSoto or her attorney regarding the incident, but says there's no evidence to suggest that any Metro employee had anything to do with it.

"A condom in a public park is hardly an unusual circumstance, I would think," she said. "But in any event, we have looked into it, we just don't have any reason to believe that anybody affiliated with Metro had anything to do with placing it there."

Oliver said the department would be expressing that to DeSoto soon, but has been "too busy dealing with their various legal filings to talk about something that we think is, at the end of the day, meritless."

"If they have some evidence otherwise, they certainly can present it to us."