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Blackwell Case Officially Reported

We learned today that the firm's decision in Blackwell v. Sky High Sports Nashville Operations, LLC, ___ S.W.3d ___ (Tenn. Ct. App. 2017), is going to be officially published in the Southwestern Reporter, 3rd Edition.  Under Rule 4 of the Tennessee Supreme Court Rules, the appellate courts have adopted the following standards allowing for official publication of opinions: (i) the opinion establishes a new rule of law, alters or modifies an existing rule, or applies an existing rule to a set of facts significantly different from those stated in other published opinions; (ii) the opinion involves a legal issue of continuing public interest; (iii) the opinion criticizes, with reasons given, an existing rule of law; (iv) the opinion resolves an apparent conflict of authority, whether or not the earlier opinion or opinions are reported; (v) the opinion updates, clarifies or distinguishes a principle of law; or (vi) the opinion makes a significant contribution to legal literature by reviewing either the development of a common law rule or the legislative or judicial history of a provision of a constitution, statute, or other written law.  However, the increase of cases reported on electronic databases, such as Westlaw, make officially published cases rare these days.