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Personal Injury

If you have been seriously injured as a result of an accident, you deserve adequate compensation.  This is a fundamental tenant of our justice system.  Over the years, most of our litigation experience has been defending small and medium businesses against such lawsuits; however, this experience is especially helpful in prosecuting serious injury cases on behalf of needy plaintiffs.

These types of cases arise in a variety of situations: an injury at work, workers’ compensation; being hurt by a machine, product liability; or something as simple as an injury incurred as a result of a car wreck or simple slip and fall.  Since we have often been on the other side of these cases, we know the strategies and tactics that defense lawyers often employ to prevent you from receiving the compensation you rightly deserve.

This area of the law is flooded with commercials on television, radio, and the internet from trial lawyers trying to convince you that your injury deserves compensation no matter how serious it is or despite your role in getting injured.  This approach has never been the focus of my personal injury practice.  Instead, we attempt to focus on serious injuries in the areas of workers’ compensation, product liability, or general negligence which deserve to be compensated.

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